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Newdeal Cameroon was created in a context dominated by Covid 19, characterized by not only a serious pandemic affecting the entire world, and resulting in a deep economic recession leading to the closure of several companies due to bankruptcy, or else compliance barrier measures. Several local and international partners found themselves without contacts or faced with weakened contacts. Newdeal Cameroon, as President Roosevelt did in 1933, was created by its promoter with the aim of offering a reliable alternative in the local but also international context for economic recovery. We are therefore looking for serious partners both locally and internationally, in our field of qualification.


Our vision is to be a benchmark business partner in integrated logistics to national and international companies, offering superior quality of service.


Supported by twenty years of experience in developing logistics solutions, our mission is to create a modern economy whose functioning is based on the exchange of goods and services beyond its borders, producing essential capital to ensure the development of the company and its employees, and being able to meet the requirements of our customers with an expert approach in speed, economy and innovation by offering them a quality of service at controlled costs and the development of our human capital.

Newdeal Cameroon is therefore looking for serious partners, both local and international, who are looking for services in its field of qualification.

We remain open to any request that could help our client achieve their objectives throughout Cameroon and around the world.

Given the experience of the promoter, his rigor in monitoring activities, the wide range of our activities, our target is therefore very open and diversified, from small local investors to large multinationals.  


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NEWDEAL logistics services remove supply chain complexity from your routine so you can better focus on your core business.

An effective SCM can reduce costs, improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and provide competitive advantage.

Booking Services is a product managed by NEWDEAL, part of the Lead Logistics family. Its value proposition is aimed at shippers or receivers who want to benefit from outsourcing internal shipping resources and hold direct transportation contracts with ocean carriers.

Customers can access the Maersk emissions dashboard online via any browser.
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